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This is a list of tools used for Network (both LAN and WAN) Monitoring tools and where to find out more about them. The audience is mainly network administrators. You are welcome to provide links to this web page. Please do not make a copy of this web page and place it at your web site since it will quickly be out of date. See here if you wish to suggest additions or changes. Your Tax dollars at work.

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Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool from RobTex
What is my IP address/traceroute?
What is my IP address, OS, browser?
Visual Traceroutes: VTrace (Measurement based), VisualWare (database based)
Locating things:
DNS Lookup,
Autonomous System (AS) Informnation:
Test services:
Maps of the Internet:
PingER Internet Performance
Test my network configuration from Stanford, from all over

Network Path & Application Daemon
What is the speed of your Internet connection
Speed test for both download and upload speeds
Bandwidth from various international sites,
Speed Test,
Bandwidth Test,
VoIP Speed, Bandwidth, and Jitter Test,

Pingtest, Ping from multiple sites to a target, Ping from/to matrix of sites,

World's connection speeds from: Akamai, Ookla, Speedtest Intelligence,
MLab Internet measurement tools

Estimate bandwidth, WAN throughput calculator, Speed vs. distance,
RTT & bandwidth test from OOkla,
ip information
Locations of visitors to this page
Speed Test
by Absolute Futurity
2015 Capsa Free, Colasoft Ping Tool, ERAMON, NetCrunch Tools,, NetSpot, StressStimulus, pingometer, Testomato, ThousandEyes, WebMon,
2014 AKiPS Network Monitor, Border 6, Glasswire, Graphical Network Monitor , Logentries, NetBeez, NetCrunch, NetOrbit, NetVizura DNS Checker, NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer, Observium, Raritan dcTrack, Raritan PowerIQ, Sentinet3, SuperMonitoring, Vallum Halo,
2013 AppDynamics, AthTek NetWalk, Cedexis Radar, Enigma, EventSentry, Foglight, InfoVista Network Performance Management, Intense School, IP - MAC scanner, MindArray, MonitorHub, NetFort SPAN Port Configurator, Network Timeout, NetXMS, Retrospective, SparrowIQ, Trogon MAC scanner, TruePath Technologies, Uptrends Infra, Uptrends web perfomance monitoring,
2012 ActionPacked, Aqualogic Monitoring System, Argus, Boundary, CapMon, Edoceo Entuity, Ethernet Packet Bombadier, Express Metrix, FrameFlow, KACE,, LANGuardian, Luminet, Nectar Services, Netflow Tracker, Network Sate Notifier, Praetorian Guard, Speed Test, Visual Performance Manager (VPM),
2011 Alaloop, AlertFox, Catchpoint, Certus Digital, Congruity, GMS Live Expert, hostUcan, iGLASS Network Monitoring Services, IPCopper, Kaseya Network Monitor, Lan-Secure, LogicMonitor, Microsoft Network Monitor, NetFlowAuditor, netrounds, Network Monitor Software, PagerDuty, Pingsweep, Qosmet Switch Center, Tekno Telecom, Verax NMS, vsFTP,
2010 AccelOps, AlarmTilt, AppQoS Live!, Cascade Pilot Personal Edition, Cubro, ExtraHop, LinkLogics, --> MTUPath, NetDB, Net Detective, NetworkBones, NetworkManagementSoftware, NeuralStar, Nexvu Analyzer, Reconnoiter, ScriptLogic Perspective, SevOne, SevOne Netflow tool, SevOne VoIP monitoring, SITEImpulse, System Shepherd, StealthWatch, TelcoAlert, WANGuard Flow' WABGuard Sniff", Webwalk,
2009 ACE Live NetFlow, ACE Live VoIP Monitoring, Aggregate Network Manager, AppNeta, ASDIC, Cyclops, DUMeter, eBox, EZEbSiteMonitoring, Fing, GNMS, Justsniffer, NetPrefect, Network Monitoring Tools, Netquest OptiCop Converger, OPNET Panorama, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), SolarWinds Netflow Analyzer, Performance Co-Pilot, Redcell, Serio IT Service View, SNMP Sweep SolarWinds Free network tools, Techout, uptime software,
2008 AutoMate, BGPLay, BGPmon, BreakingPoint, Capsa, Collectl, DopplerVue, EDDIE, EffeDetect, Engineer's Toolset, EtherDetect, Ethergrouik, ElvinRRD, FlowMon, FreeNATS, GEM Network Monitoring, GnetWatch, iBGPlay, InterMapper Flows, Inventory Genie, IPAudit, IPHost Network Monitor, Labtech Software, LANSurveyor, Lemon-, NetaNAV, monitis, mon.itor.usd, Monitoring Genie, MTD Sentry, OPNET nCompass, NetGong, NetInfo, NetMRI, NetScope, Network Miner, Network Performance Daily, NFDUMP, NfSen, OPNET Modeler, Opsview, Osmius, PacketTrap, Paglo, Panopta, PC Inventory Advisor, Q3ADE, Remote Asset Tracker, Sentinel, Server Supervisor, Splunk, Tembria, tcpillust, The Dude, Total network monitor, ZettaView, Zyrion Traverse,
2007 Ace, APCON, akk@da, Andrisoft WANGuard, Anue, Aurora, BasicState-, CommandCenter NOC, David, Denika, Dummmynet, GFI LANguard, Gomez, GroundWork, Heroix, Hyperic HQ, IMMonitor, Monolith, moods, Munin, Net::Flow, NetMapper, NetQoS Performance Center, NetQos VoIP Monitor, Network Enforcer, Network Management Tutorial, Network Weathermap, NetVoyant, OidView, op5 Monitor, Pandetix, Pingdom, Pingwy, Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer, ServersCheck, SimpleServerMonitor, skipole-monitor, SLA, SMARTHawk, SuperAgent, Total Network Inventory, WAPT, WebPerform, WFilter, XYMON,
2006 arping, Axence nVision, BBMonitor, Cacti, CSchmidt collection, Cymphonix Network Composer, Darkstat, Etherape, EZ-NOC, Eye-on Bandwidth, IPTraf, Jnettop, LITHIUM, mrtg-ping-probe, NetMRG, NetworkActiv Scanner, NimTech, NPAD, Nsauditor, Nuttcp, OpenSMART, Pandora FMS, PIAFCTM, Plab, PolyMon, Rider, RSP, Pktstat, SecureMyCompany, SftpDrive, SNM, SpeedTest, SpiceWorks, Sysmon, TruePath, Unbrowse, Unsniff, WatchMouse, Webalizer, Web Server Stress Tool, Zenoss,
2005 Advanced HostMonitor, Alvias, Airwave, BitTorrent, bulk, BWCTL, Caligare Flow Inspector, ClearSight, Distinct Network Monitor, EM7, EZMgt, Gigamon, Host Grapher II, HPN-SSH, Javvin Packet Analyzer, Just-ping, LinkRank, MoSSHe, mturoute, N-able OnDemand, Netcool, netdisco, Netflow Monitor, NetQoS, Pathneck, OWAMP, PingER, RANCID, Scamper, SCAMPI, Simple Infrastructure Capacity Monitor, Spirent, SiteMonitor, STC, SwitchMonitor, SysUpTime, TansuTCP, thrulay, Torrus, Tstat, VSS Monitoring, WebWatchBot, WildPackets, ZoneRanger,
2004 CleverEye, CueVision, D-ITG, FastCopy, FREEping, Ganglia, H.323 Beacon, GFI Network Services Monitor, internetVista, IPCheck Server Monitor, Little:eye, MonitorMagic, N-central, N-vision, Netmeter, NetMechnica, ACE Live (formerly Network Physics NetSensory), NetVizor, Observer, OSSMon, Overseer Network Monitor, Orca, PRTG Traffic Grapher, QRadar, Route Explorer, Scriptroute, Server Nanny, SNMP Explorer,, SNMP Informant, STAB a Linux tracepath, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Vigilix, Website Monitoring,, ZTI,
2003 ABwE, ActivXpets, Analyse It, Argus, Big Sister, eGInnovations, Internet Detective, JFF Network Management System, LANsurveyor, LANWatch, LoriotPro, MonitorIT, Nagios, NetIntercept, NetMon, Network Diagnostic Tool, Network Performance Advisor, Nimsoft, Network Probe, NetworksA-OK, NetStat Live, Open NerveCenpter, OPENXTRA, Packeteer, PacketStorm, Packetyzer, PathChirp, Integrien, Sniff'em, Spong, StableNet, TBIT, Tcptraceroute, Tping, Trafd, Trafshow, TrapBlaster, Traceroute-nanog, Ultra Network Sniffer, Zoho Corp ManageEngine OpManager,
2002 ANL Web100 Network Configuration Tester, Anritsu, aslookup, AlertCenter, Alertra, AlertSite, Analyse-it, bbcp, Bro, Chariot, CommView, Crypto-PAn, elkMONITOR, DotCom-Monitor, Etherpeek, Fidelia, Finisar, Fpinger, GDChart, HipLink, ipMonitor, LANExplorer, LinkFerret, LogisoftAR, NetCrunch, NetDetector, NetGeo, NEPM, NetReality, NIST Net, NLANR AAD, NMIS, OpenNMS PastMon, Pathprobe, remstats, RFT, RUDE, Silverback, SmokePing, Snuffle, SysOrb, Telchemy, TCPTune, TCPurify, UDPmon, WebAttack, Zabbix,
2001 AdventNet SNMP API, Alchemy Network Monitor, Anasil analyzer, Argent, Autobuf, DSLReports, Firehose, GeoBoy, Packetboy etc, Internet Control Portal, ISDNwatch, NetTest, Network Virtualization, Pathrate, RouteView, sFlow, Trellian, WCAT, WhatsUp Gold, WS_FTP,
2000 Analyzer, bbftp, Big Brother, Cricket, EdgeScape, Ethereal (now renamed Wireshark), gen_send/gen_recv, GSIFTP, Gtrace, Holistix,/ InMon, NcFTP, NetAlly, NetScout, Ntop, PingGraph, PingPlotter, Pipechar (part of NCS), RRD, Sniffer, Snoop, StatScope, View2000, VisualPulse, WinPcap, WU-FTPD, WWW performance monitoring, Xplot
1999 Cheops, Ganymede, hping2, Iperf, MatLab, MTR, NeoTrace, Netflow, NetLogger, NextPoint, Nmap, Pchar, Qcheck, SAA, SafeTP, Sniffit, Tcpshow, Tcptrace
1998 NetOrbit, Maple, PV-Wave, S-Plus, VisualRoute
1997 tcpspray, Mapnet, Keynote, prtraceroute cflowd fping, tcpdpriv, Pathchar, CAIDA Measurement Tool Taxonomy, bprobe & cprobe
1996 mrtg, InterMapper, Lachesis, Optimal Networks,

Introduction [Contents]

The following Network Monitoring Tools grew out of a list that were reported to be in use at 11 ESnet sites in a survey made by the ESnet Network Monitoring Task Force (NMTF) and completed in October 1995. For some snapshots of earlier web pages see the Internet Archive Wayback site. Where possible I have provided hypertext links to further sources of information on the tool. These links vary in quality ranging from a pointer to the vendors home page, to the man pages entry, and to how to download the code.

We welcome corrections such as identifying broken links (especially if you can provide an alternate/update), since over the years companies are absorbed by others, disappear, split up, change their web site etc. To find broken links, we use CheckLink suggested by Brad Canham, and even better the Chrome browser extension for checking links, suggested by Brian Albert Jensen. Some links such as BasicState and Lemon give a 404 error code or a 405 code in the case of MLab but appear to be accessible and so currently are left in. Others such as MindArray and NetLogger sometimes timeout, but usually work.

Suggesting Additions/Corrections etc.

This is a volunteer, unfunded effort. This helps assure its independence. Increasingly new additions are from reader suggestions/recommendations. If you have a suggestion for adding something: please send an email to cottrell at making sure that you indicate where the tool fits in the hierarchy, provide a URL to get more information on the tool, and provide a short one sentence description of the tool's purpose with no marketing hyperbole. Also if you notice out of date or incorrect links please report. Thanks.

Network Monitoring Platforms (NMPs) - Comparison of NMPs, [Contents]

  • ActionPacked! LiveAction is a platform that combines detailed network topology, device, and flow visualizations with direct interactive monitoring and configuration of QoS, NetFlow, LAN, Routing, IP SLA, Medianet, and AVC features embedded inside Cisco devices.
  • Aggregate Network Manager is an enterprise-grade network/application/performance monitoring platform. It tightly integrates with other smart building management systems, such as physical access control, HVAC, lighting, and time/attendance control.
  • Airwave Management PlatformT (AMP) wireless network management software provides centralized control for Wi-Fi networks. Features include: access point configuration management, reporting, user tracking, help desk views, and rogue AP discovery.
  • AKiPS Network Monitor software provides SNMP monitoring from a single VM at 1 minute resolution on networks ranging in size up to 1 million interfaces.
  • akk@da is a simple network monitoring system designed for small and middle size computer networks. Its purpose is to quick detect system or network fault and to display information about detected problems for administrators. akk@da is designed as a pro-active network monitor. It does not wait for information from any agents, systems, etc. It collects information every single minute (you can decrease this period to 1 second). Almost all services of the monitored hosts are discovered automatically.
  • Andrisoft WANGuard Platform provides solutions for WAN links monitoring, DDoS detection and mitigation, traffic accounting and graphing.
  • Axence nVision monitors network infrastructure: Windows, TCP/IP services, web and mail servers, URLs, applications (MS Exchange, SQL etc.). It also monitors routers and switches: network traffic, interface status, connected computers. nVision collects network inventory and audit license usage - it can alert in case of a program installation or any configuration change on a remote node. With the agent you can monitor user activity and access computers remotely.
  • Boundary A SaaS monitoring and visualization service that provides insight into: real time (per second resolution) and historical end-to-end performance, traffic and flow analysis, and device performance. It is free for the first 2GB of data (approx. 15 servers)
  • CapMon Network monitoring tool that takes away the hassle of maintaining a Nagios installation. CapMon uses RRD wrapped in Flash to display statistics, includes syslog, dashboard and SLA modules
  • Castle Rock
  • CommandCenter NOC from Raritan provides polling, Windows and UNIX/Linux server management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and traffic analysis in an integrated appliance.
  • Cymphonix Network Composer monitors Internet traffic by user, application, and threat. Includes controls to shape access to Internet resources by user, group, and/or time of day. Also featuring anonymous proxy blocking, policy management, and real time monitoring.
  • David system allows you to manage your resources and services through both Intranet and Internet. provide auto-discovering and network topology building features to help keep an intuitive view of your IT infrastructure. Resources, real-time monitoring and accessibility of historical data enable reaction to failures. Configured interfaces for monitored devices allow you to focus on the most important aspects of their work.
  • dopplerVUe provides network discovery, mapping and rules system enables monitoring of Ping, SNMP, syslog, and WMI performance metrics. Can be used to monitor IPv6 devices. Monitors services such as DNS, http and email.
  • eBox is an open source distribution and development framework, based on Ubuntu Linux, intended to manage services in a computer network.
  • ERAMON (Engineering, Rollout and Management of Networks) supports the process from design to provisioning, management, administration, SLA monitoring, etc. all the way through to the collation and transmission of billing data. The operation is web-based. ERAMON is used by service providers as well as enterprise customers.
  • EM7 from Sciencelogic is an NMS integrated with trouble-ticketing, event management, reporting, IP management, DNS and monitoring.
  • Enigma NMS enterprise grade network management and monitoring solution is a suite of functions integrated into single product. It has been installed in many Queensland Government departments, where it manages and monitors many thousand network devices, servers and apps.
  • Entuity provides an all-in-one network management solution for heterogeneous environments and includes integrations with BMC, Oracle EM, HP, IBM and others. Functionality includes discovery/inventory/topology, advanced event management, port/device and flow-based performance, configuration monitoring and extensive reporting.
  • Fidelia also has the Helix entry level tool for small enterprises.
  • Foglight a Network Management System from Dell that enables discovery, mapping and monitoring of network components worldwide.
  • FrameFlow is free server monitoring software that includes system health monitoring, web site monitoring, SNMP monitoring, reporting, alerts by e-mail and customizable dashboards.
  • FreeNATS, is an open-source network monitoring, alerting and reporting system available as PHP source and as a virtual appliance.
  • GEM Network Monitoring a network monitoring tool that provide SLA reports, dashboards, also monitors anything within a IT network, performance graphs, notifications prior to device failures.
  • InfoVista Network Performance Management provides service level reporting and analysis tools for network and application performance management.
  • InterMapper Networking monitoring and alerting software for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.
  • IP Host Network Monitor is a network and server monitoring tool that lets you monitor availability and performance of mail servers, internet hosts, database servers, and other network resources. Performance counters on Windows computers can be monitored using WMI. Other supported protocols are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ODBC, PING...
  • ipMonitor is a network monitoring solution that allows network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to monitor any networked device on the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN and receive alerts immediately via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails. It is a powerful personal monitoring product delivering low cost, simplicity of operation, and round-the-clock coverage.
  • Just For Fun Network Monitoring System (JFFNMS) is FREE and designed to maintain a IP SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs+ Network. It can be used to monitor any standards compilant SNMP device, Server, TCP port or Custom Poller, also it has some Cisco oriented features.
  • KACE from Dell Management Appliance delivers a fully integrated systems management solution.
  • Kaseya is a solution for monitoring, notification, and reporting. It includes agentless monitoring of Windows, Unix, Linux, and BSD operating system. It also includes distributed testing, a unique feature that makes it possible to monitor servers, routers and other network connected equipment that are behind a firewall or only accessible through a VPN. (Used to be called Intellipool).
  • Klogie commercial remote network monitoring system that designed for ease of use.
  • LANsurveyor network and desktop management software providing automatic network maps, asset management reports, network monitor and remote administration and distribution.
  • Lemon- is a server/client based monitoring system. On every monitored node, a monitoring agent launches and communicates using a push/pull protocol with sensors which are responsible for retrieving monitoring information. The extracted samples are stored on a local cache and forwarded to a central Measurement Repository using UDP or TCP transport protocol with or without authentication/encryption of data samples. Sensors can collect information on behalf of remote entities like switches or power supplies. The Measurement Repository can interface to a relational database or a flat-file backend for storing the received samples. Web based interface is provided for visualizing the data.
  • LITHIUM LITHIUM|Core is an integrated device and service monitoring platform with a tightly coupled incident tracking and case management system and incorporates a web-based interface as well as Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X monitoring consoles.
  • Little:eye, for management of IT infrastructure of enterprise provides management of fault, performance, inventory and configuration.
  • LogisoftAR provides is an NMP running under Windows providing device discovery, mapping, fault (using SNMP traps and syslog) and performance management. Reporting is provided in HTML pages.
  • Luminet is an enterprise fraud management solution that tracks and analyzes user activity across multiple applications in a network.
  • MetaNAV Network Administration Visualized is a software suite to monitor large computer networks. It automatically discovers network topology, monitors network load and outages, and can send alerts on network events by e-mail and SMS, allowing for flexible configuration of alert profiles.
  • MindArray offers unified network performance monitoring tool that provides insights into critical business service with real-time analytics, root-cause analysis and event management from any source
  • Monitoring Genie is a large scale data collection and monitoring platform built for telcos and large service providedrs, able to monitor multiple parameters in 100Ks of nodes in very shory cycles of about a minute using multiple protocols (icmp,snmp,sql,http,telnet,ssh,wmi,registry,open ports...). It can perform actions based on monitoring status changes using conditions and correlation rules. The platform comes with a builtin reporting system and pre made reports, and can extended to monitor any parameter in the supported protocols. The platform can work as a stand alone product or connect to existing management platforms (hpov, tivoli and micromuse, unictenter, etc).
  • MTD Sentry brings information from SNMP and non-SNMP devices alike together into an enterprise monitoring system with extensions for video based devices.
  • Monolith creates customized event management, netflow and performance solutions with a browser-based interface, a single, organic code-set and a dashboarding engine.
  • Netcool suite offers five product families that support domain-specific IT management, end-to-end consolidated operations and business service management.
  • NeuralStar provides enterprise-class capabilities including NOC level visibility, management of multiple and geographically distributed networks and automatic failover and redundancy for continuous operations.
  • OPNET nCompass visualizes network performance metrics in real-time, consolidating topology, traffic and events in a unified view. It automates response to network events and contextually launches 3rd party tools for assisted troubleshooting.
  • NetCrunch is An all-in-one and agentless network monitoring and management system, capable of monitoring every device in your network. Monitor bandwidth, availability, performance and NetFlow. Automatic views and maps. All leading operating systems supported.
  • NetGong is a network monitoring solution allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to monitor any networked device on the Internet, corporate intranet, or TCP/IP LAN and receive alerts via audible alarm, message, e-mail, or third-party software when a connection fails.
  • NetInfo is a collection of 15 network tools on a single, interface. NetInfo allows businesses to combat network downtime by allowing network administrators, webmasters, and Internet service providers to isolate faults, process diagnostic data and increase internal network security.
  • NetMapper creates automated up-to-date Microsoft Visio® network diagrams, combining multiple physical (Layer 2/3) and logical views of the network with detailed device configurations and topology overlays like BGP, OSPF, VLANs and VPNs
  • NetMRI from Infoblox automates much of Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM)by collecting and analyzing network configuration, snmp, and syslong/event data, and providing daily actionable issues.
  • NetPrefect is an enterprise class management and monitoring solution designed primarily for managed service providers that uses a variety of mechanisms to communicate with managed entities including but not limited to snmp, wmi, rs232 and icmp in order to collect statistical and state information (e.g. cpu usage, device/service availability etc) as well as executing management functions on the device.
  • NetQoS Performance Center Monitors and provides insight into: end-to-end performance, traffic analysis, VoIP quality, and device performance.
  • NetXMS is an open-source feature-rich network monitoring system that runs natively on Windows and various Unix flavours. It can be used for monitoring entire IT infrastructures, starting with SNMP-capable hardware and ending with applications on servers.
  • N-vision provides availability, performance, security and service management to multiple customers from one central Web console.
  • NetCrunch from AdRem, provides visualization of physical network topology; flexible performance monitoring, trending and reporting; event filtering and escalation; SNMP management; web access.
  • NetMechanica provides low-cost network masnagement services.
  • Netview
  • Nimsoft Monitoring Solutions (NMS) for Network Monitoring solution verifies network connectivity to devices (routers, switches, servers, etc.) and application services (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, etc.) revealing accessibility and network latency. The solution auto-discovers network interfaces, monitors interface traffic and calculates bandwidth utilization. Uses SNMP and if not available then syslog can be used.
  • Observium Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring platform supporting hardware platforms and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium seeks to provide a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network.
  • op5 Monitor provides active monitoring of the IT infrastructure - hardware, traffic & services. This includes connected components from servers, routers and printers services such as mail services, web servers and virus programmes. It is based on Nagios.
  • OpenNMS is an enterprise-grade network management platform developed under the open source model. It is designed to scale to tens or hundreds of thousands of managed nodes from a single instance. OpenNMS is an integrated platform providing service availability management, performance data collection (via SNMP, JMX, HTTP, WMI, XMP, and other protocols), event management (internal events, custom events via an XML/TCP interface, and external events via SNMP traps and TL1), event de-duplication, and flexible notifications (via SMTP, XMPP, and many other protocols). The software is free under the GPLv2 license, and commercial support, training, and consulting are available.
  • OpenView
  • Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 (originally based on Nagios) and is released under the GNU GPL license.
  • Opsview is enterprise network and application monitoring software designed for scalability, flexibility and ease of use. Opsview has been in development since 2003 (originally based on Nagios) and is released under the GNU GPL license.
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor enables you to detect, diagnose, and resolve network outages and performance issues. It offers network-centric views that are designed to deliver the critical information you need.
  • Pandetix MSOware is a web based service for monitoring, managing, reporting and notification of events for IP enabled devices. MSOware monitors your host with the selected tool. There is a free trial version.
  • Pandora the Free Monitoring System is a Free Software set of programs, set under the GPL license, that monitors and detects network systems using remote tests (ICMP, TCP Sweep, Network scan, SNMP monitoring...), or using local agents to grab application/system datga (has agents for Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows XP,2000/2003). Pandora FMS is able to fire alarms, draw graphs and keep event history for each element using a SQL backend
  • Q3ADE
  • Reconnoiter is a monitoring and trend analysis system designed to cope with large architectures (thousands of machines and hundreds of thousands of metrics).
  • Redcell from Dorado Software includes: Discovery, Resynchronization, Topology, Database Services, Data Archiving, Scheduling, Auditing and Logging, Group Operations, CMDB and Event Monitoring. Automated Remediation and Configuration lets administrators find, configure and monitor applications and services, plus converging technologies.networking, security, systems, and storage.from a single console.
  • ScriptLogic Perspective addresses the problems associated with bandwidth, network and application performance, and connectivity that are often issues for IT departments. Perspective supports multiple sites, is easy to use.
  • Sentinet3 provides networks, applications, systems, environment and security monitoring.
  • ServersCheck is a web based monitoring tool for monitoring networks and servers (e.g. temperatures etc.)
  • SevOne provides a distributed network performance management platform that delivers a scalable and comprehensive real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting solution that supports over 15 collection methodologies such as SNMP, NetFlow, ICMP, IP SLA, WMI, vCenter API, XML, and JMX.
  • Spectrum (ex Cabletron, then Aprisma then Concord Communications then CA). Network Tool specialized in Fault Management and Root Cause Analysis engine. Helps optimize MTTR and MTBF.The tool is modular in that it can also monitor/manage QOS,MPLS/VPN,Multicast Network, Device Configurations.
  • StableNet Carrier-Grade performance management tool, built upon open standards. Supports active (Ping, SAA) and passive (SNMP, RMON, NetFlow, SFlow) measurements. Integrated topology/inventory, SLA/SLM, reporting.
  • Sun Solstice
  • Switch Center Network management and monitoring software using SNMP (v1-3) network devices from any vendor including network discovery, logical and physical (Layer 2/3) network topology mapping, performance monitoring, real-time reports and pro-active alerts.
  • SwitchMonitor tracks traffic flows in, out, and through your network switches.
  • SysOrb monitors both network equipment and servers/applications and is accessed via a web interface. Monitoring is done with Agents and IP and SNMP polling. SysOrb comes with an embedded database for stats, alert notification module, report generator etc.
  • SysUpTime is a free distributed network/systems management product. It provides users out-of-box capabilities to efficiently and proactively manage networks of any size.
  • Tembria Tembria Server Monitor is an affordable server monitoring platform with deep support for Windows server monitoring plus support for Linux and SNMP devices too.
  • The Dude is a free network monitor will automatically scan all devices within specified subnets, draw and layout a map of your networks, monitor services of your devices and alert you in case some service has problems.
  • TruePath Technologies LMS is a web based monitoring and reporting tool that focuses on carrier, Metro (MEF), OAM and 1731 type monitoring. It has a built-in end-user portal and multi-threaded polling engine for fast, reliable monitoring.
  • Uptrends Infra is a network monitoring solution/platform. With Uptrends Infra you can monitor network protocols and network devices.
  • Vallum Halo Manager is a web-based network monitor tool, based on GMI agent technology, suitable for small networks or distributed management of many subnets, featuring continuous polling of ping and GMI devices, auto-discovery, alerting, and performance metrics.
  • Verax NMS is a service availability and performance monitoring system supporting a range of network elements (e.g. Windows and Linux hosts, ATM switches, Brocade and Juniper routers, ADVA Optical Networking FSP), applications (e.g. Apache Tomcat and WebSphere servers, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases), virtualisation (e.g. VMware vSphere) and data center devices (incl. power supplies, air conditioning, sensors and detectors).
  • WhatsUp Gold discovers and maps your network, uses SNMP v1-3, WMI and custom scripts to monitor resources and applications on your devices, notifies you via email, SMS, pager, etc., when problems occur, and provides historical and real-time reporting through a Windows console interface, full Web interface, and mobile interface. WhatsUp Gold is available for single networks and as a distributed solution for managing large, geographically dispersed networks
  • ZettaView is a 24/7 monitoring, trend analysis, reporting, and alarm management system for LAN, WAN, and ATM that stores information at a 10 second granularity on local probes.
  • Zoho Corp ManageEngine OpManager
  • Zyrion Traverse a network, application & server monitoring platform with open API, correlated views of IT "services" and integration with flow analysis tools.

Monitoring Tools Integrated with NMP [Contents]

Commercial Monitoring Tools, not integrated with an NMP [Contents]

Analyzer/Sniffer | Application/Services/Systems monitoring (Hosted/managed monitoring services) | BGP | Emulators | Flow Monitoring | FTP | IP Address/Asset Management | IT Search | Network Security tools | SNMP Tools | Topology/Mapping/Traceroute | VOIP | Video-over-IP

Public Domain or Free Network Monitoring Tools [Contents]

Application Monitoring | BGP | Finger Printing | Flow Monitoring | FTP | Host based network monitoring tools | IP Address management (IPAM) | Mapping | Monitoring Infrastructures | Network Security | Packet Capture/Analysis Tools | Path Characterization | Ping | RRDtool | SNMP | Throughput tools | Traceroute

Web Tools [Contents]

Auxiliary Tools to Enable Monitoring, Analysis, Report Creation or Simulation [Contents]

  • AlarmTILT allows notifification, warning and informing distributed groups of people. Telecom operator independent, AlarmTILT relies on multi-channel communication to dispatch two-way emails, two-way SMS text messages and two-way voice text-to-speech calls to PCs, mobile phones, landlines, PDA/Smartphones, Blackberries, Iphones and more. AlarmTILT provides special plugins for integration with Nagios and WhatsUp NMS systems and generic plugins for any other NMS able to generate an email alert or dump an alert to a file.
  • ghostscript
  • GIF Manipulation and Animation
  • Mapping tools
    • Generic mapping Tools is an open source collection of ~60 tools for manipulating geographic and Cartesian data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and producing Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots via contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views. GMT supports ~30 map projections and transformations and comes with support data such as GSHHS coastlines, rivers, and political boundaries. GMT is developed and maintained by Paul Wessel and Walter H. F. Smith with help from a global set of volunteers, and is supported by the National Science Foundation. It is released under the GNU General Public License.
  • Alerting Tools
    • PagerDuty PagerDuty collects alerts from server monitoring tools, provides an overall view of all monitoring alarms, and alerts an on-duty engineer if there's a problem with comprehensive calendaring, escalation and alerting all in one.
  • Plotting tools
    • ChartDirector a chart component control library for ASP/COM/VB/.NET/PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby/ColFusion/C++
    • GDChart Easy to use C, Perl, Python APIs, high performance library to create charts and graphs in PNG, GIF and WBMP format
    • Gnuplot a command-line driven interface function plotting utility.
    • Google Charts.
    • Ploticus non-interactive plotting package for Unix & Windows. Has mouseover and mouse click capabilities.
    • Simile.
  • Analysis & Visualization tools
    • Analyse-it is a software add-in for Microsoft Excel that includes over 30 parametric & non-parametric statistics, including descriptive statistics, box-whisker plots, correlation, multiple linear regression analysis, ANOVA, & chi-square statistics for general statistical research.
    • Maple.
    • MatLab.
    • moodss a graphical monitoring application. The core takes care of managing modules (loading and unloading), displaying modules data through sortable tables and diverse graphical viewers, handling user set threshold conditions with email alerts, recording and browsing data history from a database. moodss can predict the future, using sophisticated statistical methods and artificial neural networks, and therefore be used for capacity planning.
    • PV-Wave.
    • SAS.
    • S-Plus.
  • Simulation/Modeling
    • Network Simulator (ns).
    • OPNET Modeler OPNET Modeler uses discrete event simulation to provide an environment for designing protocols and technologies, as well as testing and demonstrating designs in realistic scenarios.
    • Xplot.

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